Framework (2012)

solo exhibition @ Kunstraum NOE, Vienna
Photos Christoph Fuchs

Under the title framework , the now fourth solo exhibition in the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich is showing a work conceived specially for the Kunstraum by the artist Bernhard Hosa (*1979).
The space installation is on the one hand based on reflections on a medical and empirical view of the individual, of people as the object of scientific studies. On the other hand the work deals with spatial-architectural structures and their interactions for the control and regimentation of the body. Hosa takes up these interactions between structuring and social order in analogy to rituals and forms of the art and exhibition business of art production. He addresses principles such as reproduction, variation,ranking and practices such as presentation or museumisation parallel to disciplining, institutional and spatial dispositions. In framework , Hosa transfers norms and rules onto the human body and the spatial de-individualisation through arrangement and presentation onto a scientific view of the individual.

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