10th anniversary celebration, jubilee exhibition ‚don’t call it off-space!

10th anniversary celebration, jubilee exhibition ‚don’t call it off-space!
Opening Tuesday, 28 November, 2017 at 7 p.m.

With works by
Iris Andraschek, Bella Angora, Maria Anwander, Alfredo Barsuglia, Alexandra Baumgartner, Anna Maria Bogner, Pablo Chiereghin, Irena Eden & Stijn Lernout, Judith Fegerl, Nikolaus Gansterer, Aldo Giannotti, Hanakam & Schuller, Michael Heindl, Juliana Herrero, Lukas Hochrieder, Bernhard Hosa, Michael Kargl, Birgit Knoechl, Simona Koch, Ulrike Königshofer, Nika Kupyrova, Marianne Lang, Claudia Larcher, Tatiana Lecomte, Roberta Lima, Lukas Marxt, Max Mertens, Michail Michailov, Julian Palacz, Fabian Patzak, Micha Payer + Martin Gabriel, Roman Pfeffer, Wendelin Pressl, Ulla Rauter, Thomas Riess, Corinne L. Rusch, Liddy Scheffknecht, Kamen Stoyanov, Samuel Schaab, Viktoria Schmid, Miae Son, Katharina Swoboda, Sophie Thun, Kata Tranker, Kay Walkowiak, Nicole Weniger, Julia Willms, Anita Witek.

Location das weisse haus, Hegelgasse 14, 1010 Vienna  http://w.dasweissehaus.at

Duration November 29, 2017 –  December 16, 2017

It was housed in a butcher’s shop, a business floor, the offices of a tax office and is currently at home in a school. Across the city, das weisse haus has shown exhibitions in six venues. With studio das weisse haus an artist in residence programme and studios for local artists were set up and as one of the first institutions in Vienna, the exchange of curators and cultural journalists was included in the programme. It has established the Erste Bank ExtraVALUE Art Award in collaboration with Austrian Cultural Forum New York and Erste Group, as well as collaborations with national and international universities and cultural institutions.

In ten years of work for art, a lot of floors were scrubbed in the „white houses“, roofs were polished, walls torn down, entire facades were artistically dismantled and positions of around 550 national and international artists were shown


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